Yamaha FG720S Folk Acoustic Guitar Review

Are you in need of an entry-level acoustic guitar? It is time you get acquainted with Yamaha FG720S Folk Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha FG720S is affordable and very pleasant to play. It is exact for you that I have prepared this Yamaha FG720S review. Here I will give a detailed account of features, pros, cons, some common FAQs, and my personal verdict. Are you ready to take the journey with me? Let’s get started, shall we?

Yamaha FG720S Folk Acoustic Guitar Expert Review

This guitar has struck a popular status with beginners and some pros as well. So, what really makes it an outstanding choice? And is it worth your attention and bucks?

In this review, I will answer all your questions. If by the time you read to the end you still have a question, hit the comment section and I will instantly get back to you.

Yamaha FG720S Folk Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha FG720S Folk Acoustic Guitar 

Construction and design

Your attention will be drawn to the typical hourglass guitar body. The fingerboard and body are created from rosewood and mahogany.

The dovetail neck is also carved from Nato mahogany, adding a beautiful twist to the guitar. The soundhole, adorning an obtrusive rosette, greatly amplifies the physical appeal.

Honestly, the construction and design boldly defy the classification of this guitar at an entry-level bracket.


The sound is thick thanks to the deep-seated hourglass body. It might be the cheapest option in the FG series, but the volume does not disappoint in any way.

It is the rosewood, mahogany, and soundhole that deserve praise for the fine top-quality sound from this guitar. Not to forget the contribution of the D’Addriao steel strings. In all fairness, the quality sound from this guitar gives it an edge over its peers.

Dimensions and size

The cumulative length of the guitar is 1039 mm, and the widest part is 412 mm. That is a standard size for a dreadnought. However, it is still quite a big size for young players and small people.

Unlike other guitars in its price range, the FG720S does not have a laminated wooden top. That is a one over its competition and a good reason to choose it.


The size is relatively big, but it feels comfortable to play. You will not struggle with its volume. For a guitar in this price range, this is exceptional.

The Fretboard is equally comfortable whether you use a pick or your fingers. The guitar’s action is admirable and will come in handy when creating chords while pressing your fingers down.

This one is a versatile piece that will give you an array of playing styles and tones. Picking the sound lines will give you a country tone while picking fingers near the bridge will give you pop and snap sound.


This kind of bracing supremely reinforces the top of the guitar to withstand the string tension. It also modifies the guitar’s top vibrations thus playing a big role in producing the signature tone.

It also comes with 8 braces to tailor the sound to a sweet, soothing melody and adapt to a variety of tones. Overall, this sort of bracing will keep your guitar in tune; amplify its stability and response for the entire time you will own it. Again, this feature makes FG720S dwarf its peers on yet another front.


  • Extremely durable guitar
  • Great value for money
  • The versatility, affordability, and sturdiness make it an ideal choice for a beginner
  • Great guitar action for amateurs
  • Easily adapting to an array of playing styles
  • At its price tag, the sound quality is great
  • Exceedingly comfortable to play, and it feels nice holding the Fret-board
  • Talking price, this is a generous bargain


  • It does not include crucial accessories such as a tuner, stand and a carrying bag
  • For experienced players, this is not your guitar
  • It feels big for small players
  • Is this guitar a perfect match for you?

Since the inception of the FG series, millions of music careers have been built on its account. This guitar is popular across a spectrum of users from the pros to amateurs.

Maybe it is because of its dependability. For someone who loves durability infused with functionality, just like me, this guitar is the right investment. The price tag is more than generous; you will get the value of each dime tenfold.

FAQ for Yamaha FG720S Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. Does this guitar come with a warranty?

All Yamaha, FG720S included, products come with a warranty. It is no exception to this guitar. You can as well get a warranty from the store you make your purchase from. However, not all stores offer a warranty. You should make inquiries before you commit to buying.

2. Do I need to tune the guitar after purchase, and does it stay in tune afterward?

After purchase, you should fine-tune the guitar. It is a common occurrence that guitar I need to tune the guitar after purchase, and does it stay in tune afterward? are go off tune during transport. Yes, it is staying tuned for a long time.

3. At below average height and small hands, is this the guitar I should buy?

This guitar has been used by people of varying heights. As per reviews, no one complains about its comfort and playability. However, if you feel it is too big to suit you; there are many alternatives.

Final Verdict

Although this guitar is labeled as a beginner’s choice, it offers much more than mere basics. The finish and design are eye-catching. Compared to its peers, this guitar has a great balance and offers some features you would expect in the elite tier.

For a learner, this is a piece I would strongly recommend. The learning experience is excellent and will set a strong foundation for a flourishing career.

However, I have a beef with the manufacturer for not making the volume more audible. For the big venue gigs, this is not the guitar you should strap onto your shoulders. Overall, you get more than what you are paying for. From my end, I give it a profound thump up.

The price, check. The sound, check. Comfort, check. All the boxes ticked for this guitar. What more would you ask for a guitar at such an affordable price?

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