The 5 Best Short Scale Guitars

Are you looking for a guitar that is portable and easy to play? If so, you may want to consider investing in a short-scale guitar.

The best Short scale guitars are great, and there are many reasons behind that. They are easy to play with small hands and provide a wide range of flexibilities due to their smaller profile.
But a common problem that you will face with most of them is crowded fingerboards due to their short-scale size. This is the reason why it’s tough to find the best short-scale guitar for someone who is a stranger in this era. If you are one of them, then you have come to the right place.

From the numerous ones, after extensive research and judgment based on my experience, I have enlisted the best deals on short-scale electric guitar. From this detailed review, you will have a crystal clear idea about them that will eventually help you find the most suitable one for you.

So let’s get started.

5 Best Short Scale Guitars – Reviews

1. Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRGM21BKN 34 Size Mikro Electric Guitar
Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar

I couldn’t help to put it in the first place because of its competitive price and tons of features. With a 22” scale, this is the shortest scale guitar on our list, which means this will be perfect for kids and small-handed adults.

Although the size is smaller, there is no way to judge this one as a toy. This one has the same materials and construction superiority as full-size guitar. With better electronics, this one delivers powerful quality sound.

The body finish and shape are also appreciable in every way. The double-cutaway solid body and maple fretboard with a 15.75″ radius feel somewhat premium.

Having 22 frets in a scale length of 22” doesn’t feel crowded, which will be a significant advantage for playing.

Ibanez worked well on the usability and sound quality, and in my opinion, anyone looking for an excellent short-scale guitar should give it a try.


  • Shortest 22” scale design perfect for small hands.
  • Improved and superior electronics.
  • The facility same as a full-size guitar.
  • Lightweight and easy to travel.


  • It loses tone a little early.
  • Uneven frets finish.

2. Fender 6 String Mustang 90, Rosewood Fingerboard

Fender Mustang 90, Rosewood Fingerboard, Silver
Fender Mustang 90, Rosewood Fingerboard, Silver

The first thing that I appreciate about Fender Mustang 90 is its dual MP-90 Pickups. Although it gives fewer outputs, the sound is more precise than most of the guitars of this range.

This 24” scale guitar comes with a 9.5″ radius fingerboard, which makes it easier to play if you have little palms.

Resonance is essential for an electric guitar, and that is why Fender has used Hardtail bridges that facilitate the strings to move smoothly. The final result is excellent sound quality.

With three-way pickup change switches, Mustang 90 offers excellent control over the guitar with volume and tone controls. Therefore, you can change the sound in the way you want it to be.

Fender has equipped it with more features (especially the MP-90 pickups) than any guitar within its price range, which convinced me to put it in the second position.


  • Dual MP-90 Pickups.
  • Better resonance with an improved Hardtail bridge.
  • Low radius fingerboard.
  • More control over the sound.
  • Clear and softer sound.
  • Resonant alder wood body.


  • The fretboard feels sharper than average.

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3. Epiphone G-400 Pro Electric Guitar with Coil-Splitting

Epiphone G-400 Pro Electric Guitar
Epiphone G-400 Pro Electric Guitar

Are you a fan of the Gibson Les Paul or SG model? Then you should have a look at Epiphone G-400 Pro.

Although introduced in 1961, the guitar from the SG model still holds fame and popularity, and there are good reasons for that. But, unfortunately, the G-400 is not any different.

Epiphone has used the Alnico Classic Pro pickups that come with the significant advantage of enhancement in mids and highs.

This guitar’s split-coil or hamburger coil makes it possible to leave one coil behind while letting the other one tune brighter. This works well when you want to heat the audience.

This one captures the resonance well with dual pickups, and the letter gives better output with superior electronics. You will also have better control over the sound delivery with the controlling mechanism.

Doubtlessly the G-400 PRO is worth every penny with its master quality and solid body. For any severe guitarist looking for the best short-scale electric guitar, this is the one that I recommend taking the music to the next level.


  • Better sound output with dual Alnico Pro pickups.
  • Coil splitting for better sound delivery.
  • Solid tuning pegs.
  • Master quality.
  • Better tune controlling.


  • The neck is a little wider for shorthanded people.

4. Peavey Captain America 3/4 Rockmaster Electric Guitar

Peavey Iron Man 34 Rockmaster Electric Guitar
Peavey Iron Man 3/4 Rockmaster Electric Guitar

If you are looking for entry level guitar and don’t want to break the bank, then the best possible deal for you will be this ¾ size guitar from Peavey.

This one covers all the basic requirements and yet offers a very competitive price.

The body is constructed with a blend of three types of woods durable enough for any beginner. The composite wood also helps to produce better sound buy balanced resonance.

This budget option offers one pickup, and that might seem to be inadequate for some people. But when you are just starting up, this thing doesn’t matter that much. This one also facilities the essential sound control that is a must for an electric guitar.

This is true that the sound quality is appreciable in comparison to the price, but when you are serious about the music, this one is not for you. I will only recommend this item if you are short in the budget or just your kid’s demand.


  • A highly competitive price.
  • Attractive, colorful design for kids.
  • Multi-wood construction for better resonance.
  • Crafted for kids.
  • Primary sound control facility.


  • Some time creates an issue with the buzz of string.

5. Squier by Fender Mini Strat – Black, Electric Guitar

Squier by Fender Mini Strat
Squier by Fender Mini Strat

Squier by Fender Mini Strat is undoubtedly the best short-scale electric guitar for any kid or newbies. Who are on a tight budget because of its excellent build and sound quality?

This is astonishing how we could fend managed to offer such features within this budget.

This ¾ size guitar has 20 frets which make it easier to play for kids and newbies. Surprisingly, this low-budget guitar has three pickups. That means this can pick more resonance and gives better output.

C – Shape maple body with rose fretboard gives this guitar a classic look that everyone will love. The neck is kept narrow so that the intended users – kids and small-handed persons can play it easily.

This may seem to be a toy by the price tag, but if you have little expertise on guitar, you will certainly discover its actual value. For example, by sanding the fretboard and putting in some oil, you can make this one smoother.

So, if you are ready to work on it a little, this highly reasonable option can turn into a good investment. Unfortunately, any guitar within its price range will hardly offer such features that eventually produce a fantastic sound like this.


  • Narrow neck for ease of playing.
  • Three pickups for better resonance are captured.
  • Five-way toggle switching.
  • Durable body construction.


  • Hard to control the volume and pickups.
  • The body finish isn’t that smooth.

Why the short scale guitars?

The best short-scale guitars are typically the most compact and lightweight. They make for easy storage, transportation, and playability.

In addition, the shorter string length of a short-scale guitar makes it easier to fret notes on the neck without hitting other strings. These guitars also tend to be more affordable than regular-sized models because they require less material and manufacturing time. If you’re looking for an instrument that is small enough to transport or store in your home quickly but still has excellent sound quality, then a short-scale model is something worth considering!

Plus, they can be great for beginner musicians or anyone who wants a little more convenience and flexibility when playing. Here are our top picks the Ibanez GRGM21BKN guitar is on the market today.

Final Verdict:

As you have read this far, I can surely tell you that now you have a better understating of the qualities of the best short-scale electric guitar. Yet, as a recap, they are flawlessly constructed, best sound delivery, and of course, better flexibility.

Whether you stick to my recommendation or not, I always recommend you insure all of them before you invest in them. Let me know your ideas about this in the comment box.