Important Tips for Getting The Best Guitar for Rocksmith

If you’re a guitar player, you know how important it is to have a great guitar that sounds great in Rocksmith. But which guitar is best for Rocksmith? This blog answers this question by providing information on the different types of guitars that are compatible with the game and tips on making your guitar sound great.

Whether a beginner or a more experienced guitarist, read on to learn all you need to know about playing guitar in Rocksmith!


What is Rocksmith?

If you’re a guitar enthusiast and want to take your playing to the next level, then you need to buy and install Rocksmith. The game includes 300 songs, all of which are playable by default. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can choose to play guitar lessons from an instructor or learn independently.

In either case, Rocksmith is an excellent investment that will teach you everything you need to know about playing guitar. Whether you’re a beginner or a guitar beginner who wants to take their playing to the next level, Rocksmith is a great option.

How does Rocksmith work?

If you’re a guitar enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Rocksmith. This game uses an electric guitar you already have to learn and play songs – and the best part? You don’t need a great guitar or amp to play. Rocksmith is compatible with any electric guitar and any amp.

If you’re a beginner, there are three different difficulty levels – Easy, Medium, or Hard – so everyone can enjoy playing the game. And if you’re a pro, playing on the hardest difficulty will give you a real challenge. To play, plug your guitar into your PS4 or Xbox One, install the game, and start playing.

There are a few other requirements, like the game and electric guitar, but that’s about. Once you have everything set up, it’s time to learn some Rocksmith!

What are the different types of guitars for Rocksmith?

If you’re looking to get the best guitar for Rocksmith, you need to know the different types of guitars that are compatible. There are three in total – electric, acoustic, and bass.

Acoustic guitars are best for folk and pop music because they’re versatile and have a sweet sound. Bass guitars provide the lowest notes on an instrument, making them perfect for rock songs like AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” Electric guitars offer the most variety because they can be played in many styles, from metal to grunge to blues.

In the end, it’s best to choose a guitar that you can play in various ways that will best suit your music preferences. Happy learning!

How to make your guitar sound better in Rocksmith?\

Rocksmith is a great game that can help guitar players learn how to play the instrument in a fun and interactive way. However, getting the best guitar for Rocksmith doesn’t end once you’ve bought it. Ensure the guitar is in good condition and adequately set up before playing.

Additionally, get a Music Moment Gold Memory Pad to improve the accuracy of note tracking during gameplay. Not sure which guitar to get? Check out our list of best guitars for beginner guitar players for Rocksmith!

Which guitars are compatible with Rocksmith?

Learning to play guitar on Rocksmith is a great way to improve your guitar playing skills. However, it won’t be accessible if your guitar isn’t compatible. Research your options and make sure to get a guitar that has a good sound quality.

Poor recordings will frustrate you and your instructor, so choosing a guitar that will give excellent results is essential. Many of the newer Gibson and Fender models are compatible, but a range of other brands also work well.

As for playing the game, be prepared to spend some time learning the basics – it’s worth it to perfect your skills on Rocksmith!

Consider the following features of a guitar that will be perfect for Rocksmith

Getting the best guitar for Rocksmith is essential for a great playing experience. To help you get started, here are four essential tips to remember:

  • 1. Choose a guitar with high-quality strings and tuners – these will help you play better and louder.
  • 2. Always consult an expert when choosing a guitar for Rocksmith – they will have the perfect match for your skill level and style of playing.
  • 3. Make sure the guitar is comfortable to hold – it should be lightweight without being too low-quality or cheap-looking.
  • 4. Assemble the guitar correctly before starting Rocksmith to perform optimally in game mode.

Size and weight

Getting a guitar that is designed explicitly for Rocksmith can be a daunting task. However, with the proper research and a little luck, it’s possible to find one that meets all your requirements. Make sure the guitar is of good size and weight – if it is too heavy or oversized, playing it won’t be easy. The neck should also be comfortable to play with; you won’t have any fun strumming chords if your neck feels like metal pincers are gripping your skull! And finally, make sure the strings are tightened just enough so they don’t buzz when plucked – this prevents unwanted noise from entering the audio signal pathway.

Consider the cable

One of the best things you can do for your guitar playing skills is to get a suitable cable. A quality cable will make your guitar sound better and help you focus on playing correctly.

In addition, a suitable cable won’t let the strings slip out of tune easily – making it an essential part of a high-quality guitar setup. A great acoustic guitar should also have a sound system that is up to par so you can enjoy your music without interruptions.

And if all this isn’t enough, always get yourself a comfortable and reliable acoustic guitar!


When playing guitar, it is essential to have the best pickups possible. Several different pickup types are available on the market, each with its own features and benefits. It is also important to mount these pickups to achieve optimum sound quality.

To do this, you must consider certain factors, such as tone and tonal range. Additionally, make sure the guitar feels comfortable when you play it and that its weight distribution is suitable for your body shape and playing style.


Getting a guitar explicitly designed for Rocksmith is the best way to get excellent sound quality. The other key thing you need to remember when playing Rocksmith is making sure your bridge is sturdy and doesn’t wobble – this will affect your accuracy and playability.

Guitar tone wood

Guitar tone wood is one of the most important factors when playing the guitar right. Especially if you want to achieve a great sound in Rocksmith or any other music game, you need to keep a few things in mind when purchasing your guitar: make sure the wood is of good quality and has been laminated for extra noise reduction and sound quality enhancement.

Avoid guitars with high strings as they can cause problems with fretting chords properly. As for acoustic guitars, mahogany or rosewood are generally best because both have a warm tone and plenty of body.

If you’re looking for electric guitars, maple would be a better option as it has an even warmer response than mahogany or rosewood while still handling high-gain sounds well without feedback issues.

Fretboard and frets

Fretboard and frets: What You Need to Know: To play the guitar in tune and accurately, it is essential to have a uniform fretboard and width, as well as frets that are the correct size for your guitar. A fretboard that’s too large or small can lead to problems with chords and melodies being played correctly.

In addition, a fretboard should be at the right height so you don’t have difficulty finger-picking to your favorite songs. Finally, ensure you get a guitar with covered frets – this will protect them from wear and tear over time.

Neck and scale length

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a guitar. The neck should be long enough to allow for comfortable strumming, the scale length affects how easily chords can be played, and melodies reproduced, and the hard case is essential as it will protect your guitar from damage.

It’s also important to try out different guitars before purchasing so that you can find one that best suits your playing style and needs.


It is always essential to have a warranty in place for your guitar. This will cover any defects in the artistry or materials and can save you a lot of trouble down the line. When looking for a guitar, compare different models with their respective warranties.

The best warranty terms might be offered by a particular model you haven’t considered yet. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to get in touch with the guitar manufacturer and find all the relevant details about the warranty, such as duration, coverage, etc.

Maintenance tips

Guitars are essential to any guitarist’s arsenal, and choosing the right one can be daunting. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the essential tips for getting the best guitar for Rocksmith. Make sure your guitar is regularly cleaned. Pay attention to the guitar’s soundboard – if it’s warped or cracked, it will ruin your guitar’s tone. Lastly, for the best guitar playing experience, get new Guitar Hero Wireless Controllers.

Rocksmith Excellency

Rocksmith is an excellent way to learn Guitar when you don’t have to facility or time to take lessons from a private teacher. With Rocksmith, all you need is a platform on which you can run Rocksmith, such as – Xbox, PC, or Mac, and a guitar you can connect with the physical device.

If you don’t know, you don’t need a high-end electric guitar for Rocksmith.

Rocksmith is coded for the beginner, and it will correct all the mistakes you can make as a beginner. It’s also called beginner guitar. While it’s possible to play with Rocksmith with any guitar compatible, grabbing a good one will make the learning process fast and comfortable for you. To help you in your guitar journey, I have made this list of the Rocksmith guitars. I hope you will find the most suitable one and learn a lot about them.

Best Guitar for Rocksmith – Reviews

1. Squier 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar | sunburst

Squier 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar,
Squier 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Do you want an electric guitar at a modest price? You can try Squier then! This high-quality Guitar is from the Fender Affinity series and is full of professional features. But, first, let’s introduce you to the in-detail quality of the Guitar at a glance:


This Fender Telecaster is an iconic guitar, the tone of which contains countless hit records. The unique structure is built with high-class materials. The neck is made of Maple, and its design is “C” shaped, so a guitarist can easily adjust their curvature palm. The body is made of Alder, and the Fretboard is from Maple. As a result, you can play your Guitar for years! Also, two-tone sunburst color has been used to protect the wood from bad weather and give it an appealing look! 

Furthermore, the Guitar is lightweight; it’s only 9.92 pounds. The length of the Scale is 25.5 inches, which can vibrate nicely. The six steel strings can produce perfect sound. Similarly, the bridge system and the guitar pickups are made to provide superb performance by creating lovely tones. Above all, the shaped body, the pickups, and the coveted headstock of the Guitar give you all kinds of sensible aesthetics of the original. Though the Guitar does not resemble the real Fender Telecaster, it sounds like the real one!


This Affinity series contains high-quality hardware. Let’s talk about the pickups by which you can get the tremendous timeless range of tone from its two single-coil pickups. At the same time, you can get countless recording options. The design of the six-saddle bridge creates perfect note intonation, and adjusting the height of the string is so easy now. 

The top-loaded bridge generates a little slinkier feeling by removing the angle of the break of the strings. However, the three-way pickup selectors, tone control, and master volume can provide huge tonal differences. Even more, the hardtail Bridge system of the Guitar has made the Guitar perfect for you!


The versatility and user experience make it the Best Guitar for Rocksmith! It can enhance your musical taste with its 3-way pickup selector button. The cozy neck, standard hardware, and high-quality construction material made this Guitar perfect.

2. Leo Jaymz Single Cut Full Size Electric Guitar | Special US Flag Sticker

Leo Jaymz Full Size Single Cut Electric Guitar
Leo Jaymz Full Size Single Cut Electric Guitar 

Leo Jaymz is one of the best electric guitars in full size. This single-cut instrument can provide all the facilities a modern guitar should have! You can’t resist your temptation if you know the features of this super light string guitar. Let’s have a look:


The product has come with a unique structure. The D-shaped set-in maple neck is attached to a mahogany body. The body is spectacular because of has a curved top. Likewise, on the surface and back of the body, you will get five layers of ABS binding, and on both sides of the neck, there is the headstock and one layer of white ABS binding. The rosewood fingerboard includes 22 frets and a rectangle pearl inlay on it.

The strings are colored with nickel wound, and the scale length is 24.72 inches, so you need not worry about the amount of vibration they create. The Guitar is so lightweight; it’s only 10 pounds. So, carrying while traveling or moving freely on the stage while performing in a live show will not be problematic. The design is unforgettable because of having the US flag sunburst finished!


Hardware Interface is PCI 64 Hot-Plug 33 MHz. The thickness of the fretboard pickup is 0.7-1.1, and it is configured by humbucker. So, creating sounds is easier! The string material is phosphor bronze, the number of strings is 6, and the string gauge is extra-light. The hardtail guitar bridge system has a pickup with a humbucker configuration. Moreover, the Guitar includes Grover machine heads in chrome, 3-way switch selection, and two-tone and 2 volume controls. Interestingly, the Grover machine heads will help you a lot to make the intonation more stable!


This will be your ideal choice as the Guitar is for students, professionals, and performance. And the 0.2 inches of foam padding, the gig bag can provide easy transportation. If I were you, I would keep it in my collection.

3. Epiphone Les Paul TOP PRO Electric Guitar | Heritage Cherry Sunburst

Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD PLUS-TOP PRO Electric Guitar
Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD PLUS-TOP PRO Electric Guitar 

Epiphone Les Paul standard plus is a high-class electric guitar. It has come with all kinds of modern amenities. This extremely sustainable and durable device can be a better choice if you are a professional guitarist. Both the structure and hardware have been made with upgraded materials. You cannot resist your temptation if you go through the following features! Let’s have a look:


This version has a settle neck, standard rosewood fingerboard, and trapezoid inlays. The body and neck having a cream binding and a Tune-O-Matic bridge locking have made the Guitar a heavenly gift that has served you for years. Also, the back and body materials made the Mahogany, the top fabric made the Maple, and the neck material is made of Mahogany. Solid construction materials it has brought sustainability and durability in performance.

The design is unique, and along with it, the whole Guitar is covered with Cherry Sunburst color. For that reason, you can use it throughout the year without being dis-colored! As you know that the scale length is an essential factor for making sound, you need not worry about that. The scale length is 24.75 perfect inches. So, stay with the device to get an unusual feeling.


The world-class hardware has made this Les Paul version one of the most sought-after musical instruments throughout the whole world! At this moment, this upgraded standard plus full pro version has come with coil-tapping ProBucker-2 and three pickups, attractive new color options, and a AAA flame maple veneer top. 

The most noteworthy thing is that it includes the pull/push coil-tapping neck pickup and bridge pickup for volume, making it the best Guitar for Rocksmith.


Though this incredibly lightweight, only 2.2 pounds guitar follows master class structure and hardware, it has come with a limited warranty facility. So, you can pick the affordable Guitar with confidence and become a part of this iconic and historic pro guitar. 

4. Yamaha Pacifica PAC Solid-Body Electric Guitar | Black

Yamaha Pacifica PAC311H BL Solid-Body Electric Guitar
Yamaha Pacifica PAC311H BL Solid-Body Electric Guitar

The Yamaha Pacifica PAC311H BL series was introduced first in California in 1990. It has been familiar from then for its individuality, performance, and versatility. Therefore, you need not worry about its quality service. Let me introduce you to its ins and outs.


This guitar player has taken its position in the world market for over a decade. It has a soothing tone and outstanding playability. The top material is made of Maple. The maple bolt-on neck is connected to an alder body, and the rosewood fretboard can provide what you want.

The design is only for right-handed players, and the whole Guitar is covered in Black color. It protects the product from outside weather attacks. Similarly, it is incredibly lightweight as it weighs only 7.72 pounds. So, carrying anywhere or moving around the stage during a live performance is convenient now!


The version is specially made to rejoin different play styles and genres. The pickups with various configurations donate an ample area of sound character. It may be a heavy distortion or maybe a clean and clear sound. The five-way switching of the H-S-S pickup configuration, vintage-style vibratos, bolt-on neck designs, and comfort-contoured bodies have made the Guitar a great selection. 

The Humbucker pickup configurations, Tremolo guitar bridge system, and six steel strings can produce suitable vibrations to make the sound great. Furthermore, you will get the push-pull coil-split master tone and master volume controls to set up the style and book according to your wish. 


The structure and hardware have been chosen carefully to construct this electric Guitar. As it is lightweight, you can carry it wherever you want. Indeed, you can feel better on the stage during a live show since the Guitar is for all guitarists, whether beginner or professional. It doesn’t matter if you keep it in your collection.

5. Ibanez GRX 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar | Violet Sunburst

Ibanez GRX 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar,
Ibanez GRX 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRX is one of the best-selling guitars on the market. As it is for all guitarists, you can try it to enhance your musical experience. This solid-body electric Guitar is sustainable and enables you to use it for years.


Ibanez is designed for all levels of guitarists – from the entry-level to the master class. Ignoring the Price gives pure playability, style, and the best sound in its class. As a result, this Guitar has gained its position as one of the most famous start-up musical instruments of all time. This device is liable for establishing many musical careers throughout the whole world. 

The back and body materials are poplars, and the fretboard material is made of treated pine from New Zealand. The scale length is 25.5 inches, capable of creating vibrations to produce sound. In addition, the item is lightweight – only 10.1 pounds. So, travel anywhere with your toy and play on the stage freely while performing in a live show. 


The hardware of the product has been chosen with care. The solid-body studded with magnificent quilted maple art grain top and the neck made of Maple is characterized by a pine fingerboard having white dot inlays. 

The high output pickups with Infinity R humbucker can produce sweet tones. The five-way selector switch gives you access to your desired tonal palette. Finally, the stylistic Guitar is rounded out by a T106 Tremolo. So, be a part of the instrument and enjoy yourself.


The Ibanez GRX is an excellent guitar with a solid body. The whole instrument is covered with transparent violet sunburst color. On the one hand, it is beautiful to look at, and on the other hand, it protects the Guitar from adverse weather conditions. Hence, keep it in your collections without thinking twice about the best Guitars for Rocksmith.

6. ESP LTD Deluxe Electric Guitar | Vintage Black

ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000VB Electric Guitar
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000VB Electric Guitar

Many professional guitarists search for a guitar’s look, feel, tone, and quality. If you are a professional, you can look at ESP LTD Deluxe electric guitar at a glance because it includes all the features you want. But, first, let me introduce you to the Guitar’s structure and hardware.


ESP is famous for its grade and thorough masterhood from the very beginning. The structural pattern will give you years of gladness! ESP LTD Deluxe has a vintage black finish complete with sweet details looking like triple creme binding. The length of the Scale is 24.75 inches, which can provide better vibration to create an exact sound. 

The whole body is made of Mahogany, the neck is made of 3Pc, and the 24-fret fingerboard is made of Ebony. At the same time, the radius of the fingerboard is 350mm. Therefore, changing the pitch is more accessible than most regular guitars. Furthermore, the Mahogany back and body are strong and durable! They are mighty and sustainable. Moreover, they are made so that you will feel heavenly after touching them. 


The golden color hardware ensures high-performance quality. The whole Guitar is nothing but a placate arrival that combines effortlessly with the high output it includes. Consequently, you can get a beefy tone through this! The product contains a pickup set together with EMG 81/60 effective humbuckers. They allow you to easily handle the knotted cleans, heart-breaking rhythm, and numbing lead tones.

Six stainless steel strings and the Tonepros Locking guitar bridge system help you make a pleasant sound. The premier materials, such as Tonepros locking TOM bridge, LTD locking tuners, and the invasive shove of effective pickups, have made the Guitar a great choice!


The molded nut, thin U nut type, standard strap button, and 24 XJ frets ensure better accomplishment and flexible tone than many other electric guitars. So, you can enlist it to your chart as the best Guitars for Rocksmith without thinking much!

7. Epiphone G-400 PRO Electric Guitar | Ebony Limited Edition 1966

Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 G-400 PRO Electric Guitar
Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 G-400 PRO Electric Guitar

If you want an iconic guitar, Epiphone G-400 is the solution for you which is also considered the best Guitars for Rocksmith. This version can bounce the unmerciful sustain and power to stir you throughout the whole night. Let’s know more about its features of it.


Epiphone is made of a Mahogany neck attached to a double-cutaway Mahogany body. The Guitar has come with upgraded humbucking pickups named Alnico Classic Pro. The Wilkinson tuners and trapezoid inlay around the ultra-modern rock staple make the Guitar great.

The Guitar is designed with a Cherry Red color that protects the whole body from adverse weather. The 24.75 inches scale is set on the neck. The rosewood fretboard contains 22 medium jumbo frets and trapezoid fretboard inlay.


The hardware of the Guitar is entirely modern and upgraded. This model is for the left-handed only, so you will get all the suitable materials if you belong to the group. The humbucker guitar bridge is a coil-split that is upgraded with Alnico Classic plus pro version. The lock tone stop bar tailpiece and Tune-O-Matic bridge are better than any ordinary guitar player. The steel-made six strings are capable of helping the pickups to vibrate quickly and create unique sounds.


Though you need to pick the guitar case separately, you can choose it for its world-class performance. This easy portable device will let you carry it wherever you want. Moreover, it will give you a comfortable feeling during live performance! So, it should be enlisted in your collection.

8. Yamaha SLG Steel String Silent Guitar | Translucent Black

Yamaha SLG200S TBL Steel String Silent Guitar
Yamaha SLG200S TBL Steel String Silent Guitar

The Yamaha SLG silent guitar has many solutions for guitarists! So, it would help if you kept it in your collection. Then, you can easily carry it while traveling, hanging over your shoulder. The Guitar contains a minimalist body that removes the feedback difficulties and gives unusual feelings during live performances. Let’s introduce you to the body structure and hardware of the product:


The unique structure of the Yamaha SLG is perfect for any guitarist. This new SLG system is designed to reproduce the body, imitating the model of an acoustic guitar for acoustic players. The neck, back, and body materials are made of Mahogany. The fretboard material is made from Rosewood. And the string material is made of steel! So, you need not bother about the durability. The design is eye-sparkling. Tobacco Sunburst color has been used with the Guitar. On the one hand, it provides better performance, and on the other hand, looks striking. The Maple and Rosewood framed with a collapsible body enable you to play whenever and wherever you want!


The hardware the Guitar includes is perfectly made. The top section of the frame is detachable and gives portability and practicality more than that of a usual guitar player. The gig bag is luxurious and helps you carry it comfortably. The six steel strings can provide persistent sound. Piezoelectric guitar pickup configuration produces the natural and sustainable sound & acoustic tone of an acoustic guitar player, and the Player can dilute the sound with the powered sound of SRT.

Moreover, the pickups enable the guitarists to be suppler in their innovative enterprise! Furthermore, the quality of the studio on board outcome and the line in functionality improve the playing quality to excellence and create jamming easy, respectively! And finally, the hardtail guitar bridge system is what every guitarist desire.


The Yamaha SLG design is bodiless, providing a quiet, natural sound. At the same time, it lets you play without irritating others. As it includes all the unique features, you can take it without thinking twice.

9. Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS | Sunburst

Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS - 3-
Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS – 3-

Fender Kurt Cobain is about donating a culturally amusing and musically pleasant moment for you! It includes almost all the features of a modern guitar player. The solid construction materials have made it a perfect choice for you. First, let’s check the structure and hardware of the Player.


The unique structure of the Guitar is capable of catching the guitarists’ attention and allowing them to handle it easily. The top material is made of a solid alder body. The neck is made of Maple, and the design is “C” shaped. The length of the Scale is 24 inches. The neck and scale length provide smooth playability and a comfortable feeling. The whole Guitar is covered with 3-color Sunburst that makes it look eye-sparkling!

The back material is made from Alder, the body is made from solid wood, and the Fretboard is made from high-quality Rosewood. As a result, you can use the Guitar for as long as possible. Furthermore, the steel-made string is solid and capable of creating a perfect tune. Due to the structural pattern, the Guitar always grabs the interest of the musicians!


The hardware of the Player is high-class and has been chosen carefully. The alder body, Pearloid dot markers fingerboard, and Stratocaster-shaped fingerboard having the spaghetti logo are durable and have served you for years!

DiMarzio humbucking neck pickup and bridge pickup having super distortion configuration create superb vibrations that help you produce excellent sound. Likely, the volume knobs and tone knobs are configured with triple knurled Chrome-dome.

The toggle switch has three positions, the Adjust-Matic bridge is black chrome, and the tuners contain a Gotoh seal. With the help of these, you can tune your Guitar systematically and perfectly with ease! Above all, the Guitar will be an excellent selection for any guitarist.


The Fender Kurt Cobain is one of the best electric guitars on the market. The package includes a hard-shell case of black texture vinyl and a user’s manual book with pictures and other accessories. You will not repent if you select this Guitar!

10. Schecter Hellraiser C-7 Left-Handed Electric Guitar | Black Cherry

Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR S Left-Handed Electric Guitar
Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR S Left-Handed Electric Guitar

Schecter Hellraiser C-7 is a brand new guitar with a standard factory setup, tuning, and complete manufacturer warranty. The instrument has everything that a class-one guitar should have. You cannot but pic it if you go through its features:


Originating from South Korea, the Schecter Hellraiser C-7 guitar has taken its position in the world market for its quality service and performance. The top is quilted Maple, with a thin ‘C’ shaped 3-pc mahogany neck attached to a Mahogany body. The Grover tuners and the rosewood fretboard include abalone gothic crosses inlays. The design of the instrument is unique. The whole Guitar is covered with Black Cherry color. For the reason that you will get all the time weather protection the year-round. This 26 pounds guitar is not too heavy. Due to this, you will get easy portability. Another thing is that you will not face any problems while handling it during a live performance.


The hardware has come with black chrome. The Floyd rose nut is 1.874 inches wide. The neck pickup configuration with 7 Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings. The scale length is 26.5 inches with 16 inches fretboard radius and 24 X-Jumbo frets.

In contrast, the guitar bridge system configuration is Tremolo, and the Bridge Pickup configuration is EMG 81-7. As a result, the neck pickup, the strings, and the bridge pickup combined help vibrate and produce quality sound.

All the parts of the hardware are carefully set. It also includes a 2-way adjustable rod with an Allen nut, but one problem is that you need to pick the case separately. Moreover, the Guitar is specially made for left-handed players. If you are not in the category, you had better stay out of this!


Finally, the abalone binding and the double 9-volt clip-in battery compartment have added extra advantages to the instrument. As the Guitar is for all guitarists, it will not be wrong to pick this one as the best Guitar for Rocksmith!

11. Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar | Black Night Finish

Ibanez GRGM21BKN 34 Size Mikro Electric Guitar
Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar 

Ibanez GRGM21BKN is a fine guitar that has come with a black night finish. This is a perfect guitar for trainees as well as professionals. Its features include all the facilities a modern guitar should have. So let’s have a look:


From top to bottom, high-quality materials have been used to construct the Guitar. The top and back materials are made of solid basswood. The basswood neck is attached to a mahogany body.

Likewise, the rosewood fingerboard has 22 frets and a humbucker pickup configuration. Though the scale length is 22 inches, it is enough for a small-sized guitar. The Guitar’s design is unique as it uses a black night color to cover the whole Guitar.

The benefit is that the entire instrument is weather resistant. So, the adverse weather conditions cannot do any harm to it. On the other hand, the device is lightweight, only 8.45 pounds. Therefore, traveling with your Guitar is more accessible now.


Suppose you are waiting for anything that will help you during last-minute rehearsals. In that case, this 3/4 scale guitar is the perfect solution for you! 22 inches scale length is a good choice for students or professionals who frequently go on tour buses.

In contrast, this is specially made for left-handed players. So, if you are a right-handed player, you can stay away from it. Furthermore, you will have low tension from the 22 inches of the maple neck. The neck has a humbucker pickup configuration system with nickel-made strings.

Moreover, The hardtail bridge system has a humbucker configuration. As a result, the neck pickup and the bridge pickup, along with the nickel strings, can produce enough vibrations that you can make better sounds from the Guitar.


Ibanez GRGM21BKN is the first compact guitar from Ibanez. It has been set up like other full-size GRG models. So, being small in size, you need not worry about the instrument’s sound quality. Nevertheless, it is high time you keep the Guitar in your collection if you are a trainee or a professional.

12. Fender Kotzen Signature Telecaster Electric Guitar | Brown Sunburst

Fender Kotzen Signature Telecaster Electric Guitar,
Fender Kotzen Signature Telecaster Electric Guitar

Fender Kotzen Signature was widely famous in Japan only. However, for its quality performance, the electric Guitar has grabbed the world market easily. You cannot resist temptation if you go through the following features.


The Fender Kotzen Signature Telecaster has come with a spectacular flame maple top attached to an ash body. The back material is made of ash, the body is made of solid wood, the neck is made of pure Maple, and its design is “C” shaped. Similarly, the 12″ Radius fingerboard is made of Maple, having 22 Jumbo Frets. The muscular body material lets you use it for a long time!

The six-saddle strings and Thru-Body Tele Bridge are highly capable of producing enough vibrations. As a result, the Guitar can make soothing sounds. In addition, the item is lightweight, only 11.02 pounds! So, you need not spend extra power to carry it. Likewise, it must be helpful to move around during a live performance. 


The golden color hardware combination is master-class. The neck pickup type is single-coil Dimarzio Twang King, and the bridge pickup type is Hardtail Chopper T. The pickups can easily create vibrations; as a result, you will get smooth sounds. The Guitar also includes tone control, master volume control, and three-way switching. The brown sunburst color protects the whole Guitar from lousy weather. 


The structure, golden hardware, Gotoh sealed tuners, and all other parts are genuine materials. The Guitar is durable so that you can use it for years. Therefore, you can pick it without hesitation and stay satisfied while performing.

13. Yamaha RevStar RS502 Electric Guitar | Billet Green

Yamaha RevStar RS502 Electric Guitar
Yamaha RevStar RS502 Electric Guitar

Yamaha RevStar RS502 is one of the best electric guitars on the market and in the Yamaha series. The Revstar models are designed so that it has ruled for more than 50 years on the guitar market. First, let’s look at the structural pattern and hardware of the product.


The manufacturers have worked harder and harder over time and brought great comfortability and playability with the product. They designed every contour to glance and feel great. The body contains a deep belly cut, hidden cubit contour, and a newly made neck connect for magnificent overhead fret access.

The maple top is attached to a solid nato body. The German silver baseplate and Alnico V magnet are designed to make a powerful and open, clean tone. The whole Guitar is covered with a factory blue color to look handsome and safe under adverse weather.

Moreover, the product is lightweight, only 12 pounds! So, travel with the Guitar is easy; similarly, you can move it comfortably on the stage during a live show. Therefore, stay with it to have a new experience!


The customized hardware of Revstar grabs the high-performance and distinctive characteristics. The manufacturers have calibrated every nook and corner perfectly for world-class performance and self-evident style. The custom-wound YGD pickups are carefully made to match every Guitar. The prototype pickups contain distinctive mixtures of wire, base plates, magnets, and windings. 

The dry switch provides you with the multi-functionality of a coil-split:

  1. Ensure the correct frequency response, and the design includes a passive filter circuit painstaking.
  2. The dry button filters out low and quiet frequencies to play the clarity and punch of a single-coil pickup.
  3. The need removes the unavoidable hollow and hum tone connected to split humbucking pickups.


The Revstar by Yamaha is a reliable guitar for all guitarists. The structure and hardware are durable and bring perfection to the sound. It has all the features that a modern guitar should have! If you take it, you must not regret it after playing it. Your playing style is automatically adjusted after some time.

14. Gibson Les Paul Junior Special Electric Guitar | Heritage Cherry

Gibson Les Paul Junior Special with Humbuckers Electric Guitar
Gibson Les Paul Junior Special with Humbuckers Electric Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Standard, in addition, is a high-class electric guitar. It has accompanied a wide range of present-day courtesies. This amazingly maintainable and tough gadget can be a definitive decision if you are an expert guitarist. Both the structure and equipment have been made with updated materials. You can’t avoid your allurement if you experience the accompanying highlights! Let’s see:


This variant has accompanied a settle neck, standard rosewood fingerboard, alongside trapezoid decorates. The body and neck having a cream official and a Tune-O-Matic connect locking have made the Guitar a wonderful blessing serving you for a considerable time.

Furthermore, the back and body materials are made of Mahogany, the top fabric is made of Maple, and the neck material is made of Mahogany. Because of solid materials, the whole Guitar will accompany you for years! The structure is unique; the entire Guitar is secured with Antique Natural color.

Consequently, you can use it for a long time! As you realize that the scale length is a significant factor in making sound, you need not stress over that. The scale length is 24.75 inches, which is excellent.


The most important thing is the pull/push coil-tapping neck pickup and the pull/push coil-tapping bridge pickup volume. The Tune-O-Matic bridge is made of Nickel having Titanium saddles, and the pickups configuration is humbucker ’59 Tribute pickups.

The hardware also includes two volume controls and two tone controls, and the drop caps it has – are Orange. This lightweight 20 pounds guitar ensures you move freely around the stage while performing live!


This robust and sustainable Guitar will allow you to be a part of the historical achievements of music. The Gibson Les Paul has 22 frets with Pearl Trapezoid inlays. So, you need not worry about quality sound. Instead, you can add it to your collections.

15. Traveler Ultra-Light Solid-Body | Electric Guitar

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Solid-Body Electric Guitar
Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light is a full-length Electric guitar that has everything you want. You will get a full-scale performing perception while playing with it. This lightweight Player will make your traveling easier than before! Let’s have a look:


The Full 24 3/4″ Scale electric travel Guitar has an in-Body Tuning System that uses standard tuning machines, eliminating the need for a headstock. It’s just a one-piece Eastern American Hard Maple neck-through-body design.

Due to In-Body Tuning System, minimalistic body, and detachable lap rest make the Ultra-Light extremely portable. The Guitar is lightweight, only 3 pounds. Therefore, you will not find any difficulties during your performance.

Another thing is that this light instrument will allow you to move freely on the stage during a live show. Furthermore, this Guitar is specially made for those who frequently need to travel all around the world.


This full 24.75″ Scale with a dual-rail humbucker pickup and standard 1/4 inch output can provide you crisp, sweet, and clean sounds during practice sessions and live performances. The tuning system in the body can relax the necessity of a headstock. Consequently, you will get a very full-scale guitar experience. The Guitar is vibrant with its slight shape and is 28% shorter and 68% lighter than a typical full-size electric.

The Guitar contains a dual-rail humbucker pickup, including a shadow headphone preamp/amp that includes 1/8 inches aux-in jack. For this reason, you can plug the headphones and the smartphones in and play musical instruments anywhere. Finally, a deluxe gig bag will make your journey easier.


Six steel strings, dual-rail humbucker pickup configuration, and hardtail bridge systems have made the Guitar a strong competitor. In addition, the compact design with a minimalistic body will provide excellent portability and playability. Therefore, you can take one for a better experience.

How to Choose the Best Guitars for Rocksmith

As you can probably imagine, Rocksmith Guitar is a cheaper option than paying for lessons. Your success will depend significantly on how you pick the best Guitar for Rocksmith. That’s why Rocksmith needs to read many Guitar reviews to choose which ones would be suitable for you. Here is something that you may want to pay attention 

Dimension & Price

Learning a guitar using Rocksmith, you’ll be spending many hours practicing. That’s why you need such a guitar which is light in weight and flexible in body shape. If the guitar shape is unpleasant to hold and play, you naturally fade up after spending some time. But, on the other hand, a heavy guitar will reduce your practice time. So, be sure to check out these features before you purchase one. 

Another thing you must remember before buying the Guitar is the Price of it. Because in the learning period, it’s the best practice not to spend a thousand dollars even not to learn the first chords properly. Beginners should stick with the low-end price option. You can find a decent guitar that costs between $200 and below $1000; that’s the suitable Price range for a starter player.

Cable & Pickups

Don’t Pickup any Random Cable for your Rocksmith devices like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, or Mac. Most of the time, you get one with your Rocksmith Software during the Purchasing period. If not, grab a specific cable designed for it, a quarter-inch to USB Guitar Cable. The USB Guitar Cable efficiently converts the signal from analog to digital. It’s called an actual tone cable.

And Pickup catches your string frequency which then sends back your amplifier to the speaker. For Rocksmith, you can use any pickup like a single or multi-coil arrangement. It does not make any difference. But, if you play the acoustic guitar instead of the Electric, you might lose the sound quality because of the atmospheric interference that makes a noise. At the same time, the microphone catches your string vibration.

Ease of Use

Usually, Short Length Guitar gives an extra benefit over a Large Scale Guitar because a large Scale needs a big hand and extra string tension to keep them in tune. There are three neck shapes, i.e., C, U, and V-shape. C shape has the shallowest depth, which fits almost all hand shapes and playing styles.


We are here to help you out and respond within a short period. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

What is Rocksmith?

Rocksmith is a computer-simulated Guitar Training Software by which you can play the Guitar without any tutor or training School. Instead, it guides you in every step necessary and helps to build your guitar skills. It’s like playing a Video game over PC or X-Box, or PS4.

How to set up your guitar arrangement for playing with Rocksmith?

The main reason for using Rocksmith is to learn your guitar lesson strategically, and here is the trick. First, let’s see how to build one. OK, all we just need is an Electric Guitar, a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, or Mac(any one of these devices), a Rocksmith Software that must install your PC or MAC or PS4, and one set of Connecting Cable that connect the Guitar with PC or MAC or PS4. After that, tune your guitar String properly with Auto-Tunner and headstock tunning Peg. Finally. Start to play the Guitar with your software lesson until you fit all over.

What are the benefits of Using a Rocksmith?

Firstly, Rocksmith gives you an extra room for your learning session. You learn it like playing Video Games. You never feel any pressure or hesitation. There is no time limitation or boundary for your learning session. When you feel comfortable, then you start to play as many times as you want.  
Simplifying your learning:  If you think it’s challenging to play Guitar due to memorizing problems, then Rocksmith can solve this issue because it has a lot of pre-recorded tunes. It enables you to play different types of songs with heavy metal songs. Besides, it is essential for amateur or novice guitarists who are inexperienced in creating appropriate chords. 
Flexibility:  you don’t need to be panicked because there is no limitation or boundary in your training session or Exam. You learn Guitar so quickly as playing Video Games over PC or X-Box.  
Cost: It’s surly cost-effective in the sense that you don’t need any Tutor or Music School that kills not only your money but also your precious time. But, with Rocksmith, it’s a running School as it’s in there when you want to play.  

What are the best guitars of Rocksmith?

Almost every Guitar is perfect for Rocksmith, but there is some variant from Player to Player. It depends on Physical Growth, Age & gender, etc. Apart from this, some guitars fit all ages and gender. Here is some collection you can try:  

SquierSquier 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar | sunburst

Epiphone. Epiphone Les Paul TOP PRO Electric Guitar | Heritage Cherry Sunburst

Yamaha. Yamaha Pacifica PAC Solid-Body Electric Guitar | Black

Ibanez. Ibanez GRX 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar | Violet Sunburst

ESPESP LTD Deluxe Electric Guitar | Vintage Black

Fender. Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS | Sunburst

SchecterSchecter Hellraiser C-7 Left-Handed Electric Guitar | Black Cherry

These are the best Electric guitars for Rocksmith, which are undoubtedly very affordable Price and suitable to fit every age and sex people.  

Final Verdict

If you notice, there aren’t many similarities among the recommendations here. I have tried to make a list versatile for you to find the best one. None of them is flawless, but you will hardly find any that don’t have any.

You can certainly depend on any of my recommendations for the best guitars for Rocksmith. Each of them is capable of satisfying your need as a learner and later on.

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