Best Electric Guitars Under 300 – Guides for 2022

Electric Guitar is gaining popularity over time. You will get thousands of them in the market. But I have a question – are all of them good for you? Or do they meet your budget? It is tough to choose the best electric Guitar among the crowds. Good news! At present, you need not break the bank to have the best one! That means that you will get the best electric Guitar under 300, which undoubtedly brings true satisfaction and a joyful Experience.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, it doesn’t matter. This post will introduce you to the 15 best electric guitars highly suitable to all kinds of guitarists & musicians. So let’s have a look.

Best Electric Guitar Under 300 – Reviews

1. Epiphone Les paul standard electric guitar Player Pack | Vintage Sunburst

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack (Vintage Sunburst)
Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack (Vintage Sunburst)

Do you want the best electric Guitar under 300? Then, why aren’t you checking the Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar? It contains all the features required for playing a modern guitar that is also beneficial for beginners. Fortunately, the player comprises Les paul special 2 LTD feature that gives you a unique experience in your music world!

Similarly, it has come with a long 10ft cable that allows you to move throughout the whole stage freely. The 10-watt amp and two classic hum-bucker pickups have made the electric Guitar more appealing to the users. This electric guitar’s staring design will not let you move your eyes after seeing it for the First Time! You will certainly be the victim of ‘love at first sight! Can you imagine – it has come with Vintage Sunburst Color!

Surprisingly, the only 22.1 pounds lightweight Guitar is easy to carry for everyone. The product is extremely sturdy, which makes it the best beginner electric guitar. The back material is made of Mahogany, the body is solid wood, the neck is maple, and the fretboard material is Rosewood. So, you don’t need to worry about the durability of the product! Moreover, the Epiphone Les paul standard package includes a gig bag that is very easy to carry, medium picks, a guitar strap, a clip-on headstock chromatic tuner, and what’s not! If you are a new player, this one is the best for you. Don’t worry! You will get the extra advantage of downloading guitar learning tips from the media!


  • Great starter pack for beginners
  • A small Amp but sounds loud and clear
  • The tuner is easy to operate and is accurate
  • The neck feels comfortable in hands
  • The Guitar has no fret buzz and feels solidly built


  • Some arrangements are a little bit poor quality to control

2. RockJam RJEG02 6 String Electric Guitar

RockJam RJEG02 6 String Electric Guitar Beginner Kit with 10-Watt Amp,
RockJam RJEG02 6 String Electric Guitar

If you are flexible with the budget and serious about Guitar, I suggest you go for Fender as one of the best electric guitar brands in Modern Times. Why?

First of all, a solid wood body with a single-cutaway design with a glossy finish will impress anyone. The jumbo size fretboard can be more challenging for some people to reach and hold, but it won’t feel crowded like those ¾ size ones. Although they haven’t used those high-end pickups, one humbucking along with one single-coil will capture the resonance efficiency. Also, give it credit as the best cheap electric Guitar for its marginal price range.

A three-way pickup switch and a mini coil selector with the coil-splitting facility will give you more control over the sound. It also offers a master volume and tone control. With better electronics and master craftsmanship, rock jam electric Guitar will undoubtedly meet the whole criteria as per your expectation. As well, it’s also considered the best electric guitar for beginners for the durable body structure with starter kits.


  • Flawless and durable
  • Superior electronics
  • Solid-body with vintage design
  • Jumbo size frets for ease of playing
  • Dual pickups with a three-way switch


  • Requires expertise to set up.
  • Tuner quality isn’t good for this budget.


3. Fender Squier Electric Guitar – 6 String Solid | sunburst

Squier 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right Handed,
Squier 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right Handed, 

The Fender Squier Electric Guitar is one of the best electric Guitar under 300 that gets almost everything at a modest price! In addition, the professional features of the player have made it more appealing to the users. 

The Guitar Pickup configuration of the Fender Squier is single-coil, and the number of pickups is two that give the great Tele tone. The Tele tone includes many recordings. The neck has six saddles from which you can get exact note intonation, and at the same time, you can adjust the string from the fingerboard. You can also get enormous tonal differences from tone control, 3-way pickup-selectors, and master volume. That makes it one of the best electric guitar brands in the guitar world.

Consequently, You will get an iconic style throughout the Guitar, which is also the best beginner electric guitar. Another term of Squier guitars can provide all the aesthetics of the real Fender Telecaster. Though this one does not resemble the original thing, it is capable of producing unique sounds! This affinity series contains two Tele pickups with single-coil, which can reproduce the traditional music of typical fender Squier Telecasters.


  • Substantial magnetic area of the pickup that perfectly catches String Vibration
  • Easily modify the adjustment of the instrument
  • looks great, and the tone is awesome
  • Perfect frets and never stick out at all
  • The jack of the Guitar is excellent and never lose at all


  • The finish of the neck is low-lustre

Also Great

4. Lyxpro Electric Guitar Beginner kit 39-inch | Blue

LyxPro 39 inch Electric Guitar Kit Bundle with 20w Amplifier,
LyxPro 39 inch Electric Guitar Kit Bundle with 20w Amplifier, 

If you want a complete set of Guitar of the best electric guitar brands in the market, you can try the lyxpro electric guitar beginner kit. This one is the best electric Guitar under 300 for starter and mid-level players. Furthermore, the lyxpro electric Guitar has come with a full-sized package that contains all the elements to rock on the stage and indoor functions, which is also the best cheap electric Guitar in the market.

This Guitar can be an ideal option for presenting a gift for any occasion. It can fulfil the dream of a budding musician. You know that learning guitar playing is undoubtedly a daunting task, but this package has resolved all the difficulty and made it possible to learn it quicker than before. The size of the lyxpro electric Guitar is 39 inches, which is perfect for all classes of players. The high-class tonewoods have made it strong enough to cope with any situation. The fingerboard is made of premium rosewood, the neck is from Canadian Maple, the back is from Phoenix wood, and the body is from Solid wood. So, you need not bother about its durability!

Surprisingly, the whole package also includes integrated controls, such as grind, volume, treble, bass, gain, music on mp3 players or phone, AUX Input, headphone jack, built-in speaker, 20-w amplifier, and many more! That’s why it’s the best electric guitar for beginners nowadays.


  • Nice Starter Kits
  • Affordable price
  • decent for having an adjustable neck
  • An entry-level economic guitar for beginners
  • The Amp looks decent and calm that provides high-quality sound


  • A little bit hard to tune with the tuner

5. Epiphone Les paul special ii – electric guitar | vintage sunburst

Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar (Vintage Sunburst)
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar (Vintage Sunburst)

The Epiphone Les paul unique ii electric guitars are the best electric guitar brands that can change your guitaring experience within a moment! It has all kinds of necessary things that other Epiphone Les paul have owned. In addition, high-class materials have made the guitar sturdy. The 22-fret fingerboard has come from rosewood, neck, and body are from mahogany, back material is from Okoume, and body material is from Basswood!

Furthermore, you will undoubtedly get accurate tones of Les Paul, singing sustainability, and longtime service for its 650R/700T humbucking pickups. The Les paul unique 2 is open-coiled too. Stop bar tailpiece, Tune-O-Matic bridge, and Lock Tone will give you the facility of changing the string easier. At the same time, they are capable of providing more sustainability in your singing!

If you want to buy the best beginner electric guitar at a low price, this one can be the best option for you. Indeed, you are going to have it under 300$. The 24.75 scale length is undoubtedly suitable for you! In addition, this 10-pound lightweight Guitar is easy to move. So, you will get an extra privilege while performing live on the stage!


  • Great Sound
  • Durable Construction
  • Smooth frets and no buzzing
  • True and straight neck
  • The factory setup provides a playable device


  • The limited lifetime warranty package

6. Oscar Schmidt Guitars Electric – OE20B-A-U | Gold top

Oscar Schmidt OE20G-A-U Solid Body Electric Guitar. Gold Top
Oscar Schmidt OE20G-A-U Solid Body Electric Guitar. Gold Top

The oscar Schmidt guitars OE20B is one of the best electric Guitars under 300 USD. Rock on with this beautiful Guitar that makes the music more attractive. The tone options are versatile! The materials and standard constructions have made the instrument great! This Oscar Schmidt electric Guitar is a rock-n-roll instrument that is also the best electric guitar brand that contains a traditional double-humbucker with all starter kits.

The cutaway styling is unique that provides better usability for creating sustainable Musical Notes. Furthermore, the variety of designs, such as flame transparent purple burst, quilt tiger eye, white, tobacco sunburst, cherry sunburst finish, solid black, and gold top, have made it unique to all types of users. So, the Oscar Schmidt guitar can be the best electric guitar for beginners musician according to its prioritized feature and glamorous outfit.

The body construction is robust and reliable and looks like an Axe. The back and body materials are made of Mahogany, the neck is from Maple, and the fretboard material is from Rosewood. The fingerboard is easy and quick to navigate, the stop-tail has a classical design, and the bridge is strong enough to serve for a long time! 


  • Well-furnished and Smart design
  • Reasonable Price
  • Intonation is quite good
  • No Extra adjustment needed
  • The package has everything for the starter


  • Thin body outfit
  • Little bit buzzing bass strings

7. Yamaha gig Maker Electric Guitar Starter kit | Blue Metallic

Yamaha GigMaker EG Electric Guitar Pack with Amplifier, Gig Bag, Tuner, Cable, Strap and Picks - Metallic Blue
Yamaha GigMaker EG Electric Guitar

The Yamaha gig maker electric guitar is one of the leading best electric Guitar under 300 in the shop. This Guitar has served its lovers for over a decade with its outstanding playability and great tone. From the very beginning, this instrument has provided a lot of unique features based on individuality, performance, and versatility. The Yamaha electric guitar series has come with a complete package of an ideal electric guitar. So, buy and start playing at once as it’s undoubtedly the best electric guitar brand in the guitar world!

The Gigmaker contains a high-gloss finish, classic cutaway styling, a chrome tremolo with vintage style, a white pickguard, chrome tuners, and various sounds. Unfortunately, you will get a limited warranty on the instrument. Without this, the product has everything to tempt any guitar lover. The extra strings and picks, cable, instructional DVD, gig bag, guitar strap, Qwik tune digital chromatic tuner, and a 15-watt, two-channel amplifier have made it more appealing to all. Similarly, this Yamaha electric guitar is extremely lightweight – it’s only 35 pounds. So, move on to every corner of the stage with confidence!

Moreover, the gig maker is so reliable that you don’t need to worry about durability. The body is Agathis, the neck is maple, and the fretboard is rosewood. So, you can buy this best beginner electric guitar without thinking twice!


  • Great tone and outstanding playability
  • Straight neck with no weird hums and dead frets
  • No need for an additional setup
  • Well construction with a glossy finish
  • includes DVD for a good introduction


  • The instructions for the accessories have to lacking.

8. Ibanez Mikro Electric Guitar 3/4 Size GRGM21BKN | Candy Apple

Ibanez GRGM 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Candy Apple (GRGM21MCA)
Ibanez GRGM 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

I couldn’t help to put it in the first place because of its competitive price and tons of features, which still give it credit as the best electric guitar brand in the market. With a 22.2″ scale, Ibanez Mikro electric guitar is the shortest scale guitar on our list, which means this will be perfect for kids and small-handed adults.

Although the size is small, there is no way to judge this one as a toy. The Ibanez electric guitar GRGM21M features have high-output Infinity R pickups, durable construction materials, ready set-up and proper inspection. With better electronics, this one delivers powerful quality sound. The body finish and shape are also appreciable in every way. Unfortunately, the double-cutaway solid body and maple fretboard with a 15.75″ radius feel somewhat premium, giving a price tag for the best cheap electric Guitar in the market.

Having 24 frets in a scale length of 22″ doesn’t feel crowded, which will be a significant advantage for playing. Along with those features, Ibanez black electric Guitar worked well on usability and sound quality. In my opinion, anyone who is looking for the best electric guitar for beginners should give it a try.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Shortest 22. 2″ Scale design for small hands
  • Improved and superior electronics
  • Offers 24 Frets facility of a full-size guitar


  • Sharp frets finish
  • A little bit of low string tuning problem

9. Fender Squier mini Electric Guitar Starter kit | Orange Bundle

Fender Squier 34 Size Kids Mini Strat Electric Guitar
Fender Squier 3/4 Size Kids Mini Strat Electric Guitar

The fender Squier mini electric guitar includes all the necessary features needed for high-class performance. Buy this Guitar to save money as you will get the best electric Guitar for under 300 USD. The clip-on tuner helps you tune your guitar perfectly. You will face no problem while standing up for the strap it has. The picks will allow you to play out of the box.

The extra cable will enable you to perform on the stage freely. For smooth operation, the package includes an instructional DVD. So, playing with the new device is easy for you! Though the fender Squier electric guitar is mini in size, it is capable of creating giant sound. Significantly, the Guitar is designed so that a kid can play it with their tiny hands. This mini and lightweight instrument is the best for travelling. The “C” shaped neck has made it more appealing to all classes of users.

Moreover, the fender Squier mini electric guitar includes a slimmer neck, thinner body, 3 Stratocaster pickups with single-coil, Fender tones, 5-way switching, hardtail bridge, output jack, and strap pins. So, eventually, this pack is undoubtedly the best beginner electric guitar.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Good Guitar for small hands
  • C-shaped neck profile that is ideal for all playing styles
  • Awesome Sound quality
  • Compatible for all ages to learn guitar playing


  • Guitar Amp is somewhat smaller than usual.

10. Donner Electric Guitar Beginner kit DST-1S | Black

Donner DST-102B 39 Inch Electric Guitar
Donner DST-102B 39 Inch Electric Guitar 

The donner Guitar is another one of the best electric Guitar under 300 USD in the guitar outlet. For maintaining high-standard and necessities, the instrument has become ideal for every level of the players. It produces non-stop services and raises the status of your musical enthusiasm. As the best electric guitar brand in the market, its innovative materials and body construction can provide excellent tunes for your musical performance.

If you are a professional artist and music creator, you can choose to donner electric Guitar without thinking twice! The accessible features will let you play the Guitar easily. This electric guitar starter kit includes picks, strap, strings, DT-2 tuner, guitar capo, gig bag, 3-w mini amplifier, and more! For a reasonable price, it’s the best cheap electric Guitar in the running Time. 

The donner Guitar is sturdy enough to cope with any unavoidable circumstances. The body is made of AAA firm African Basswood, the neck is from AAA Canadian Maple, the fretboard is from Maple, and the tuning machines are from die-cast steel. The size of the instrument is 39 inches. It is lightweight as the weight is only 12.45 pounds. So, you can move it freely on the stage during a live performance. Buy it with confidence for it has a 1-year warranty. Along with this exclusive feature, it’s undoubtedly the best electric guitar for beginners.


  • Cheap in Price
  • Smart finish and fit in Design
  • well wrapped with Box to prevent damage
  • An easily movable small amplifier
  • A beginner package that has absolutely everything to get you started


  • A little tuning problem
  • Need to buy genuine strap locks separately

11. Yamaha Pacifica pac012 Dlx Electric Guitar | Old Violin Sunburst
Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012DLX Electric Guitar

Best doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, and Yamaha has proved that in their PAC012DLX Electric Guitar. Keep the features and price side by side; you will be surprised. Along with many great features, the Yamaha Pacifica pac012 Dlx electric guitar is one of the best electric Guitars under 300 for a musician that comes with flawless craftsmanship. It features a rosewood fingerboard, maple neck, and Agathis body.

For better capturing of the resonance, they have also put one humbucking and dual single-coil pickups. So, you will get accurate detail of what you are playing. The five-position switch also makes it possible to interfere with it as your interest. Furthermore, this one is also the best beginner electric guitar so far, so good.

With a 648mm scale size with a 350mm radius and 22 frets, Yamaha Pacifica pac012 is doubtlessly easy to play for any beginner. It has also added tremolo, and if you don’t know its function – it helps you change the tension in the strings. This affordable option offers everything necessary for playing the Guitar. So if your budget is small and you need everything perfect, I suggest you look no further and pick up this Yamaha Pacifica electric Guitar because this one is the best cheap electric Guitar in the market.


  • Great tone and outstanding playability
  • Affordable Price
  • Easy five-way switch positioning
  • Durable mixed material construction
  • Low profile hence easy to play


  • Amplifier quality isn’t right.
  • No cable supplied

12. Sawtooth Electric Guitar with Tortoise Pickguard | Sunburst

Sawtooth Sunburst Electric Guitar with Tortoise Pickguard
Sawtooth Sunburst Electric Guitar with Tortoise Pickguard 

If you are a starter or professional guitarist, need a guitar that is the best electric guitar brand in the shop, then sawtooth Electric Guitar is the best choice for you. This versatile instrument has an excellent design which is also the best electric Guitar under 300 USD in price. The easy-playing, sleek-looking and tremendous sounding instrument can fulfil all kinds of your musical demands. 

The three pickups having single-coil is capable of producing a classical tone. The tremolo bridge contains rock-solid tuning, and the sycamore body can grab the attention of every guitar-loving person. The sawtooth guitar player has come with a multi-colours pickguard: Sunburst w/vanilla cream, sunburst w/tortoise, daphne blue w/pearl, citron vanilla cream w/white, citron vanilla cream w/pearl, candy apple red w/pearl, and black w/black pickguard. 

So, you can buy any one of these eye-sparkling colours according to your wish! Sycamore contains a full-bodied, clear, and robust sound with excellent lows and beefy Mids. You will have both left and right-handed configurations with it. The tremolo has a large steel block, and the three pickups having single-coil can produce a twangy tone. This Guitar is highly versatile because of has 22 jumbo frets. The jumbo frets are medium that give you a buttery and soft playing feel.


  • Flexible Price option
  • A large verity of colour choice
  • Complete set of Starter Pack
  • suited for all styles of music
  • perfect for any student, beginner or aspiring musician


  • Crap electronics
  • Very crackly and noisy

13. Fender Squier mini Strat Electric Guitar | Torino Red

Squier by Fender Mini Strat - Rosewood Fingerboard
Squier by Fender Mini Strat – Rosewood Fingerboard 

The fender Squier mini strat electric guitar is undoubtedly the best electric Guitar under 300 for any kids or newbies on a tight budget because of its excellent build and sound quality. The Squier mini strat is astonishing in such a way that how could fend managed to offer such features within this budget.

This ¾ size guitar has 20 frets which make it easier to play for kids and newbies. Surprisingly, this low budget guitar has three pickups. That means this can pick more resonance and give a better output. C – Shape maple body with rose fretboard provides this Guitar with a classic look that everyone will love. The neck is kept narrow so that the intended users – kids and small-handed persons can play it easily. Also, it’s one of the best cheap electric Guitar in the current Time.

This may seem to be a toy by the price tag, but if you have little expertise in Guitar, you will certainly discover its actual value. For example, you can make this one smoother by sanding the fretboard and putting in some oil. So, if you are ready to work on it a little, the fender Squier mini strat is a highly reasonable option that surely can turn into a good investment as the best beginner electric guitar. Any guitar within its price range will hardly offer such features that eventually produce a fantastic sound like this.


  • Narrow neck for ease of playing.
  • Three pickups for better resonance are captured.
  • Five-way toggle switching.
  • Durable body construction.


  • Hard to control the volume and pickups.
  • The body finish isn’t that smooth.

14. Jackson js22 dinky Seven-String Electric Guitar | Black
Squier by Fender Mini Strat

The Jackson js22 dinky seven-string electric guitar has come with an Amazing budget guitar that’s considered the best electric Guitar under 300 USD. As the scale length is 26.5 inches, it can tighten the tension of the string more than any typical guitar. The fingerboard includes Piranha inlays and 24 jumbo frets. You can produce an unusual sound with the help of them. 

The instrument is very sturdy to cope with an unbearable situation. The body is made of arch-top basswood, the neck is from bolt-on maple, and the fingerboard is from 16 inches radius rosewood. All these have made it unique. Other features of the Jackson guitars are die-cast tuners, a hard-tail bridge with direct-mount, tone control, single volume control, Jackson humbucking pickups with double high-output. That’s why Jackson is one of the best electric guitar brands in the world.

This instrument is lightweight. It is only 12.98 pounds. So, go anywhere and perform freely with it. At the same time, it has come with beautiful Satin Black colour that is highly popular among the guitar-lovers and indeed considered the best electric guitar for beginners.


  • The action, frets, and neck are fine
  • Without buzzing and visible flaw
  • Looking stylish and sounds nice
  • It comes without the electronic hum
  • Pots are incredibly smooth and, at the same Time well-controlled


  • The tuning knobs are finicky.

15. Peavey Electric Guitar Rock Master | Captain America

Peavey Captain America 34 Rockmaster Electric Guitar
Peavey Captain America 3/4 Rockmaster Electric Guitar

If you are looking for entry-level Guitar and don’t want to break the bank, then the best possible deal for you will be this ¾ size guitar from peavey electric guitar. This one covers all the requirements and offers a very competitive price, the best electric Guitar under 300 USD.

The body is constructed with a blend of three types of woods durable enough for any beginner. The composite wood also helps to produce better sound buy balanced resonance. Including this budget option, the peavey rock master offers one pickup, which might seem inadequate for some people. But when you are just starting up, this thing doesn’t matter that much. This one also covers the essential sound control. That’s why it’s the best beginner electric guitar yet in the present Time.

However, the peavey electric guitar rock master is genuinely the best sound quality which is also appreciable compared to the price. However, when you are serious about music, this one is not for you. Therefore, I will only recommend this item if you are short in the budget or just your kid’s demand like this one in the best cheap electric Guitar through the Guitar outlet.


  • Crafted for kids
  • A highly competitive price
  • Attractive, colourful design for kids
  • Multi-wood construction for better resonance
  • The primary sound control facility


  • Problem with the buzz of string.
  • Have Lacks some of the facilities of standard ones.

Considaration for The Best Electric Guitars under 300

It would help if you considered certain things before buying the best electric Guitar under 300. If you follow the tips given below, you must be a gainer. Each Guitar has been classified with its genres that best fit musical categories. So, let’s have a look before making the final decision:

Body type

The perfect wood can produce a unique body. Also, you should check whether the design of the body is semi-hollow, hollow, or solid! Also, it is essential to look at whether the body is single cutaway or double cutaway for better accessibility of your practice or performance.

Type of wood

The sound of a guitar also depends on the wood. The manufacturers use various types of Single solid Pieces or multi-layered Laminated Pieces of wood to make a single guitar. All of them have a Special Feature. Also, the Guitar, which contains Pine, Nato, Agathis, Alder, Ash, Ebony, Rosewood, Maple, and Mahogany wood, can be your first choice.

Scale length

The String vibrates while producing sound. So, to know the measurement of it is essential. It takes the vibration from the nut that you find throughout the bridge. Also, the scale with a longer length can tighten the tension of the String. So, it would help if you considered the scale has more than 25 inches in length.


This one is also essential to consider. A lightweight guitar will enable you to move freely while playing. Similarly, you can carry it with ease during travel.


Several types of pickups are available here. It would be best if you considered which one is suitable for you. A pickup with a single coil is capable of producing a crisp and bright sound. Two single-coils humbucker pickups can make a humming sound and provide a more powerful, louder, and thicker tone. The piezo pickup does not use magnets; instead, the mechanical vibration is being used! And it would help if you had batteries to use an active pickup. Equalization circuits and filters are there! So, you can get a cleaner sound with a higher output. 

Check Tailpiece and Bridge

As the Tailpiece and Bridge maintain the playability and tone of the Guitar, you should check them carefully. The bridge-tailpiece system has varieties. They are string-through-body, trapeze tailpiece, 6-point rocking tremolo, Bigsby, locking vibrato, fulcrum vibrato, 2-point rocking tremolo, and Tune-O-Matic. Again, you must check them before making the final decision!

Guitar shape

The sound also depends on the shape of the Guitar. The best shapes are Jaguar, Jazz master, Flying-V, Semi-Acoustic, SG Hollow Body, Les Paul, and Stratocaster Telecaster. 

Consider the neck

The neck is another essential factor you should consider because it contains the headstock and fretboard for the tuners. It also includes a rod called a metal truss. There are three types of necks, such as neck-through, set neck, and bolt-on. You should choose a suitable one before buying a guitar.


The warranty helps you buy a product with confidence! You will get a limited lifetime guarantee with some guitars. You had better skip these products. Some guitars have come with a 1-year warranty while some others have come with 2-years. So, eventually, it would be best if you bought an electric guitar that has at least a 1-year warranty.

FAQs for Electric Guitars under 300

We are here to help you out and respond within a short period. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

What do you need for an electric guitar?

If you want to play an electric guitar, you need seven types of equipment in the very first lesson. They are – 
An electric guitar player
Audio cable
An amplifier
Guitar picks
Guitar strap and
Effect pedals

If you need the best pedal for your electric guitar, you should try this ― Best Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals for Beginners

how to learn to play the guitar by yourself?

Learning a guitar is undoubtedly a daunting job that needs pure dedication and punctuality. Apart from this, you simply remember with these following points that could help your learning session… 
Take your time. Don’t rush. 
Don’t become frustrated. It needs Time.
If you know someone who plays, ask them how you are doing and any tips.
Take effective criticism.
Learn to tune your guitar by ear.
Remember to keep the Guitar the right way. Otherwise, it will sound different.
Check this link to learn Guitar Rhythm 

what is the best cheap electric Guitar?

a part from many great featured electric guitars, we are giving you a list of the 10 best electric guitars. All of them are good enough to satisfy your demands.

You can buy anyone from the following list. Let’s check:

  1. EpiphoneEpiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar
  2. RockJamrock jam electric guitar starter kit 6 ST-Style
  3. Fender Squierfender Squier electric guitar – 6 String Solid
  4. LaxProlyxpro electric guitar beginner kit 39-inch
  5. YAMAHAyamaha gig maker electric guitar starter kit
  6. IBANEZ Ibanez Mikro electric guitar 3/4 Size GRGM21BKN
  7. DONNERdonner electric guitar beginner kit DST-1S
  8. SAWTOOTH. sawtooth electric Guitar with Tortoise Pickguard

These are also the best electric Guitar under 300 which also are affordable price. Nevertheless, at the same time, you get the best electric Guitar in the present market for the best practice and performance.

Also, check this link for the best cheap acoustic guitar for beginners Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100 | Buyers Ultimate Guide in 2020

how much is an electric guitar should I spend on the first?

As you will buy an electric guitar for the First Time, you should not spend a considerable amount rather, and you can buy between 200$ to 500$. Remember, you are going to buy a good one at a reasonable price. Be careful! You must not buy under 150$ to 200$. They are nothing but a wastage of money because most of them are garbage!

Do you need an amp for an electric guitar?

An amp is essential for producing a high-quality sound. It is also necessary for amplifying through other means. On the other hand, the guitarist can play an electric guitar without an amp, but you will get low-quality volume at that time.

Can I plug headphones into electric Guitar?

Yes, you can plug headphones into an electric guitar! To do this, you need to plug it into the regular amplifier that you have. In this way, you can easily plug your headphones into the Guitar. At present, you will get a headphone output jack with most of the electric guitars. So, you can plug headphones into an electric guitar without facing any problems.

Can you play an electric guitar without electricity?

Yes, you can play an electric guitar without electricity. But in that case, it will produce low and unpleasant sounds.

Final Verdict

All the guitars stated above are perfect for different reasons. Some are superb, some can produce classical sounds, and the rests are auspicious in style. You can buy any one of them.

But if you ask me, I suggest you buy Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar for ease of playing, durability, style, and versatility. Its eye-sparkling Vintage Sunburst colour will easily catch your attention which also comes with the best electric Guitar under the 300 Category.

Finally, it would be best if you thought more before taking the final decision. Go through various reviews and know the exact specifications.

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