7 Best Capos For Acoustic Guitars – Ultimate Guide For 2019

Many people like playing guitars. However, they lack a clear understanding of how a typical guitar functions. All guitars have a capo, a tiny device that clamps the barre with the strings of a guitar. You can use it to raise the pitch of your guitar. It is essential to use a capo when playing all types of music.

Not only does the capo enable beginners to learn playing guitars, but they also allow a guitarist to create unique songs. It is tricky to play a fingerpicking song without a capo. There are different capos to select. In this guide, we explore seven best capos for acoustic guitars and what to consider when buying a capo.

Best Capos For Acoustic Guitar – Reviews

1. Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30 (S1) Acoustic Guitar Capo – Stainless Steel

Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30 (S1) Acoustic Guitar Capo - Stainless Steel

Shubb Series capos have an ergonomic design. They are among the most sought out capos worldwide. Besides having a unique craftsmanship, the capo has extra space. It does not distract you while playing your guitar. Shubb capos are easy to fix and sturdy. They do not compress the guitar’s strings to its fretboard.

Your guitar won’t produce unnecessary spring vibrations if you fix a Shubb capo. The capo applies uniform pressure across all strings. Its durable and thin nature makes it compact and almost invisible. It allows you to play different tunes without loosening the strings.

You can customize the capo to fit different guitar necks. Moreover, you can adjust it with screws. It is recommended for people who want to improve their guitar skills.


  • Easy to use clamping design
  • Thin profile for a firm grip
  • Lightweight hence highly portable
  • A perfect satin finish


  • A short string bar and a narrow fingerboard

2. Paige Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins P6E

Paige Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins P6E

Paige P6E has ordinary packaging. You can park a wrap-around capo behind its nut when it is idle. Slide it to an appropriate fretboard and tighten it firmly when you want to use it. There is a screw adjuster in the middle of the neck.

The capo applies even pressure across each string thus allowing you to adjust its tension to attain a certain tune. Unlike traditional spring capos, Paige P6E maintains the tune of your guitar. You can insert it to minimize string buzz.

Although the capo is not known as Shubb Deluxe or Kyser Quick, the capo is easy to use and move. It enables guitarists to make accurate tension adjustments. Paige is made of lightweight metal. The capo is suitable for buzz-free performances.


  • Applies a perpendicular squeeze on the fretboard
  • A buzz-free performance
  • Perfect tonal enhancement
  • Easy to use and adjust


  • The capo does not fit beyond the fifth fret
  • Paige leaves some strings uncapped and it is not suitable for vintage style players

3. Kyser Quick-Change Capo for 6-String Acoustic Guitars – Black

Kyser Quick-Change Capo for 6-String Acoustic Guitars – Black

Kyser is a classic and durable capo.it allows you to raise the pitch without changing or returning fingering. The capo is appropriate for amateur and seasoned guitarists. It allows you to transpose your guitar quickly using one hand. The capos are available in different colors. They have excellent tuning that requires basic training.

You can adjust the capo to tune better. It is accurate in most acoustic guitars. We advise you to firmly hold the capo to maintain its position. You can place it on your strings through the bass side to prevent the capo from restricting the fretting hand.

Kyser has an attractive finish which makes it worth your hard-earned money. It offers an exciting experience as it allows you to lay different keys without changing the fingering.


  • Perfectly fits in 6-string guitars
  • The handle and coiled spring allows you to change the keys
  • Silicone fitting to prevent scratches to the neck when you clamp it down
  • Easy to use
  • A long-lasting aluminum design


  • It does not fit properly on your neck
  • You have to bend the strings to position the capo
  • The capo is difficult to open further

4. G7th Performance 2 Silver Capo 6-String, Silver (G7C-P2SILV)

G7th Performance 2 Silver Capo 6-String, Silver (G7C-P2SILV)

G7th is a high-performance capo that is ideal for many guitars.it applies a special clamping technique that locks onto its neck. Apply sufficient tension and squeeze the capo to clamp it. Just release the lever to remove the G7th campo. It does not alter the tune of your guitar.

Also, it does not produce strange buzzing sounds. It has a simple and sleek design. The capo has excellent control. However, it might not attain the exact precision you could achieve using an adjustment knob.

Silver Capo 6-String is easy to use. It allows you to change the tune suing one hand thus making it suitable for live performances. Besides, you can adjust the capo positions to rhyme with different songs. The capo is versatile and ideal for different guitars.


  • Appropriate for al electric and acoustic guitars
  • One-handed tune changing hence making it ideal for live guitarists
  • Made of a durable zinc-alloy
  • The cushioning protects its fretboard from scratches
  • Produces clear sound


  • Expensive and not affordable to most amateur guitarists
  • Guitars with thick profiles require high pressure to achieve the appropriate tension
  • Fret buzz occurs due to poor clamping

5. Planet Waves NS Artist Guitar Capo, Black

Planet Waves NS Artist Guitar Capo, Black

Planet Waves capos offer a great playing experience. The tool has a unique design with a compact look. It is available in different colors including bronze, black, classical, grey, lite and silver. It is suitable for electric guitars with radius fretboards.

The capo has a tension adjustment which enables you to have a buzz-free performance. Its smooth nature allows you to fine-tune it using one hand. It comprises a lightweight aluminum for easy portability.

You can easily reduce string buzzing by altering the guitar’s micrometer tension. It is available in different versions such as classical guitars. Planet NS is not suitable for 12 string acoustic guitars since they require long capos that offer uniform pressure over the strings.

Nevertheless, Planet capos offer an in-tune performance. It has extended durability.


  • Available in different colors
  • An ergonomic design ideal for most electric guitars
  • Durable aluminum material with an attractive finish
  • It does not require constant tuning
  • Quality sound at an affordable rate


  • The tension is not constant hence making it unsuitable for a guitar with a slim neck
  • It is not appropriate for people who like release style performances

6. Dunlop Acoustic Trigger, Curved, Black Guitar Capo 83CB

Dunlop Acoustic Trigger, Curved, Black Guitar Capo 83CB

Dunlop offers steady string pressure.it applies an efficient on and off mechanism once the spring is loaded. The capo is made of high-quality aluminum which lasts for several years.

Besides, it suits six and 12 string acoustic guitars for better tuning. It is available in different colors such as black, maple pattern, nickel, gold, and smoked chrome. You can get it in various online stores.

Dunlop capo has received numerous positive reviews due to the nice customer experience it offers. Most guitarists look for a capo that can fit in both 12 and 6-string guitars. It has a rigid spring for proper clamping. Its ergonomic shape allows you to re-position the capo when switching to different frets. It has a padded handle for better handling. The padded surface prevents the fretboard from wearing and tearing.


  • Easy to use and re-position
  • Appropriate for banjo, classical guitars, and Ukulele
  • Ergonomic design for quick key tuning
  • Durable aluminum material


  • Tuning adjustment is necessary when shifting to different songs
  • Low-quality imitations

7. Fender Phoenix Capo, Black

Fender Phoenix Capo, Black

Fender Phoenix is a classic guitar that comprises quality accessories. It is made of aluminum hence making it suitable for electric and acoustic guitars. The capo alters the pitch when you play it behind the fretboard. It maintains the tune without buzzing.

The capo provides different string tensions due to its versatile nature. Its distinct design makes it fit properly in your hand hence allowing you to operate it using one hand. The capo offers steady tuning for you to play well. It is almost invisible when it is in your gig bag or guitar case.

Most Sweetwater guitarists like it as it perfectly fits on the neck. It allows them to change guitars while performing. The capo uses a one-hand tuning mechanism. Furthermore, you can adjust it in a live performance.


  • Ideal for acoustic and electric guitars
  • Fits properly on your neck
  • Easy to swap in concerts due to its one-hand mechanism
  • The sleek design leaves sufficient space in the gig bag
  • Lightweight aluminum for extended durability and easy portability


  • The capo bends the guitar out of tune if it tilts slightly

Benefits of Using a Capo

Besides changing the keys of a particular song, a capo offers other benefits such as:

  • Simplifying difficult chords: If your guitar has difficult chords, you can use a high-quality capo to simplify them. It enables you to play different types of songs. Besides, it is essential for amateur guitarists who are inexperienced in creating appropriate chord shapes. We recommend playing with the chord rather than learning specific chords for each song. Customarily, frets appear to be close in a typical capo.
  • One-hand operation: All capos are easy to use. The quick release system enables you to operate a capo using one hand. It requires a minimum pressure to fret notes. Also, it is not necessary to press your fingers hard to reach the required tension. It allows you to have extended live performances.
  • Cost: There are many types of capos to select. Most manufacturers aim at producing devices that are affordable to a large clientele. Some capos can improve your creativity and guitar tuning skills.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Capo for Your Acoustic Guitar

Certain factors influence the performance of an acoustic guitar including;

1. Curved or Flat

An appropriate capo matches with the fretboard’s radius of your guitar. A standard guitar has a curve across its strings. Flat capos are suitable for guitars with a flat radius. Ensure that the capo and radius of the guitar match to apply even tension across all its strings. Avoid fixing curved capos on flat guitars as it could result in out of tune strings.

2. Capo Tension

A guitar capo mainly applies tension across its strings. If there is little tension, the guitar might produce weird buzzing sounds when someone picks the strings. Also, if there is too much tension, the notes could switch out of tune. You can adjust the tension of some types of guitar capos while others have constant tension.

3. Ease of Use

Many capos are easy to fix in a guitar. Just clamp the capo and play your guitar. Other models need extra time to install. They need fine adjustments in the right places. Your goals determine the type of guitar you require. For example, live performers require an easy-to-use capo to change their capo positions.

Squeeze and clamp the capo in place. Recording guitarists need a capo that they can adjust and fine tune to get the right tune. Although it could be time-consuming, it is necessary to position your capo to create a stable note.

Some capos need more time to set up compared to others. They are more sophisticated than clamp-type capos. Such capos have an adjustment knob which allows you to apply an ideal tension. A slight variation in tension could bend your note out of tune. It is wise to select a capo that enables you to alter the tension. Also, it should match with your guitar.

4. Convenience

Reputable brands such as A’Addario NS-Tri-Action, Jim Dunlop Trigger, and Kyser Quick-Change produce a wide array of spring capos. You can swiftly pop the capo when switching from one song to another. However, spring capos are not adjustable. They pull sideways in some guitars. You could use a screw clamp to hold the capo in place.

Capos are a crucial device that affects the tuning of your guitar. It is tricky to select the right capo if you have a murky understanding of your acoustic guitar. There are different capos in the market including Shubb Deluxe, Paige Acoustic, G7th Performance, and Fender Phoenix guitars. They have different qualities.

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